Automatic Tile Grouting Robots

We help clients boost productivity by up to 5x and return their investment in our robot in as soon as a year

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Why Automate? 

Stagnating Productivity



Construction Project Delays


Our Technology

We use Deep Learning Models with Computer Vision and LIDAR merged with SLAM developed on a Robot Operating System. 

Our robot will grout tile gaps and clean off excess grout including the edges autonomously in any given space. Human intervention is only needed to reload the grout and water.

This boosts productivity for our clients by at least 5X and allow return of investments on our robots in as soon as a year or two. 



Keefe Wayne Teo.jpg

Keefe Wayne Teo


  • Engineering Degree from the University of Cambridge

  • 2 Research journal publications, 100+ citations, 4 Research Papers

  • Ex-Entrepreneur First Analyst, Business Development in Bright Kids and Gain City


Jakub Suchanek


  • Engineering Degree from the University of Cambridge

  • Worked on self driving cars with wayve, machine learning with granta innovation and wacker

  • Worldwide winner of NASA SpaceApps


Ronald Luc


  • Math and CS Degree from Masaryk University, teaching assistant Neural Networks course; oversaw 4 deep learning theses

  •  Talk at WeAreDevelopers Congress Vienna for 400+ attendees; won TechFest Munich

  • 5 years of work experience creating 8 end-to-end ML solutions


christophe berset advisor image.jpg

Christophe Berset

  • Head of New Products at Holcim

  • MSc ETHZ Civil Engineer & MBA

  • Former Lead Site Manager at Bouygues Construction

  • Experienced Business Development Manager in the Global Construction Material Industry - Specifically the Mortar Industry

  • Former CEO & Co-Founder of PrefabSite - The sourcing platform for prefabricated construction elements

  • Based in Zurich, Switzerland


Matthew Carli

  • Head of material operations at ICON technology, hypergrowth venture backed 3D construction printing start-up

  • MBA in International Business from St. John's University in Rome, Italy

  • Previously led global innovation and strategy efforts at Laticrete International, a leading producer of flooring materials

  • Holistic dry mortar industry experience from product conception through to the jobsite challenges

  • Based in Miami, FL, USA

Maciej Trzeciak Fabrica website.jpeg

Maciej Trzeciak

  • PhD Candidate in Engineering at the University of Cambridge

  • Author of patents and papers at top robotics and construction conferences

  • Current supervisor of Statistical Analysis at Cambridge and former supervisor of many AI-related projects at the Technical University of Munich

  • SLAM consultant for both academic and industrial projects with over 7 years of experience

  • Based in Cambridge, United Kingdom

kai photo 2_edited.jpg

Kai Junge

  • PhD candidate at EPFL at the CREATE Lab on robotic manipulation and distributed intelligence.

  • Cambridge engineering graduate (2021), specializing computer and information engineering. 

  • Robotics hobbyist since 2010, participating in various national and international competitions and events. 

  • Main skills and expertise revolve around rapid prototyping, mechatronics design, and control.




We have been funded by our Professor from Cambridge University that is familiar with our technology (contact me for details) as well as Christophe using a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) and filed our patent.

Our Employee-Angels

We are extremely thankful for the majority of our team believing in us enough to choose to be paid at least in part in shares/share options. These are people with skin in the game. 

Nelson Ng.png

Nelson Ng

Head of Engineering Operations

Ex-Micron Engineer, NUS Mechanical Engineering Multiple Deans' List. Second Major in Innovation & Design Program


Feng Xin Yuan

Software Engineering Intern

Oxford University CS and Philosophy undergraduate

Previous Research And Development Intern at GIC and DSTA

devon cheng.jpeg

Devon Cheng

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Engineering Product Development Undergraduate 

martin horacek.png

Martin Horáček

Software Engineer

Math and CS degree from Masaryk University. 1 Research journal publication, Multiple Dean's list​.

christopher li.jpeg

Christopher Li

Electronics Engineering Intern

Cambridge University Engineering Undergraduate,  Experience in digital electronics and low-level firmware.

fu xiong wei.jpeg

Fu Xiong Wei

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Engineering Product Development Undergraduate 


Martin Kurečka

Software Engineer

Math and CS degree from Masaryk University. 2 Research journal publications in AI, combinatorics and probability

qiyun photo.jpeg

Pang Qiyun

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Cambridge University Engineering Undergraduate

herman thong.jpeg

Herman Thong

Software Engineering Intern

NUS Computer Engineering Undergraduate, previously 
Advanced Systems Intern at DSTA


Ouyang Zhongliang

Software Engineering Consultant

Cambridge University Engineering Degree. 

Janssen photo.jpeg

Janssen Tanuwijaya

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Cambridge University Engineering Undergraduate


Hari Subramanian

General Engineering Intern

NUS High School Graduate

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