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Fabrica.AI builds automatic tile grouting robots and eventually automatic tiling robots. Our robot is meant to automate the whole tile-grouting process. The robot will help boost productivity and help our clients return their investments in a year or two when purchasing our robots. 

Our team consists of Jakub Suchanek, Ronald Luc, and Keefe Wayne Teo. Jakub and Keefe are recent graduates from the Cambridge University Engineering Department. Jakub was the President of the Cambridge University Robotics Society while Keefe was the president of Ronald graduated with a Math and CS Degree from Masaryk University and won TechFest Munich.


The tiling industry is very competitive with contractor’s quotes falling within 5% of each other. An improvement in the business model would thus make a significant difference for our clients. Tiling is an extremely laborious process and many high-income countries, such as Singapore, relies heavily on foreign labour to fulfill the demand for tiling projects. However, due to COVID, foreign labour movements have been heavily restricted and thus many projects have been delayed by a couple of years, and young couples find it hard to purchase an apartment as a result. 

Our Vision

As data driven approaches have been developed and robotic parts have become cheaper, we believe that now is the time for us to make an impact to the productivity of construction industry via robotic automation.  This would lower costs of construction and help make homes more affordable.

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