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We are hiring

We are hiring across software, hardware, and business development full-timers, freelancers, and interns (part time during term time and/or full time) to start work with us for at least 1 month . For interns, we are prepared to pay S$1500 a month in gross salary for full time work, prorated for part time OR in share options prorated for part time, OR any combination of the two as agreed. 

The Job Descriptions below were originally written for internships. If you are a University graduate looking to be a full-timer, please extrapolate the roles yourself. Fusion roles are possible too.

Join us to experience the most recent tech stack for the forthcoming robotics revolution (deep learning applied to more than ad revenue, end2end reinforcement learning). Witness and experience deploying a physical robot in a real-world setting in a Housing Development Board construction unit (if you’re in Singapore). 

Our Internship Openings

1) Hardware Engineering Intern (Physical presence in Singapore required) 

  • Mechanical experiments and design

    • Experiments - e.g. creating variations of the grout extruder to reduce waste and boost reliability 

    • Design - e.g.  redesigning an insecure extruder  to be held by a twist locking instead of clips to be held by a twist locking instead of clips

  • Mechanical manufacturing, assembly and testing

    • 3D printing - Slicing prints (some for soluble support printing), managing and repairing printers (Tenlog TL3, TL5, Ender 3, Prusa i3)

    • Angle grinding and drilling - 2020 alu extrusions for the robot frame, brass and steel rods

    • Assembly - putting in inserts, bolting parts together, waterproofing

    • Testing - testing the robot’s grout extrusion and cleaning, making minor adjustments to ensure everything is running properly

  • Electrical experiments and design

    • Experiments - e.g. sourcing and testing various motor and driver combinations for our main drive system

    • Design - e.g. designing PCBs to replace a mess of wires and extend the variability and power of the control electronics; PCBs for protecting the AC power supply from back-emf voltage spikes

  • Electrical assembly

    • Soldering PCBs and power cables, crimping cables

  • Arduino programming

    • E.g. Writing code for TMC2209 to reduce power usage of our stepper motors and replace force sensors with smart code

    • Controlling and calibrating the extrusion and cleaning systems

  • Robotics DevOps & Real World Industry Trials

    • Understand the whole project and run our ROS2 stack on real HW

    • Create reproducible testing methodology and evaluate metrics on the HW

    • Be in charge of the robots on the construction site.

    • Explore and procure new parts/new materials for robot functionality improvement


2) Software/Machine Learning Intern (remote option available)

  • Work on ROS2 foxy nodes logic/topics for object detection with the main camera, Floor segmentation, Feedback-loop based navigation correction

  • Auto calibration of cameras, LIDAR (position, noise, hardware characteristics)

  • Advanced procedural Gazebo simulations to automatically evaluate the robots performance on suite of metrics

  • 2D box physics based simulations for Reinforcement Learning (RL), setup and run RL experiments

3) Business Development Intern 

  • Scheduling and joining meetings with prospective clients, investors, and partners

  • Pitch deck design

  • Accounting and purchasing 

  • Scouting for new opportunities, writing proposals for them, and pushing Fabrica AI out there

  • Visiting industry trial sites, giving appropriate feedback to product development team 

  • Speaking to industry players, ground workers, understanding the process of tile grouting to help us shape our solution, especially from an operational point of view

  • Connecting manufacturers and our product team to build on and iterate our prototype

  • Contributing to our go-to-market strategy for overseas markets beyond Singapore

Simply put, we would be moving our Grouting Robot from a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) - as defined by the European Union - of 5 (Technology validated in relevant environment) to a TRL of 7 (System prototype demonstration in operational environment) during your internship timeframe.  

Eventually, we would be expanding our company to encompass more automated construction robots. 

Our ideal candidates

For Hardware, we are looking for someone in Singapore (or willing to relocate) to help us with our hardware assembly and/or electronics work, testing, and debugging. Knowing how to interpret and build from CAD is essential, and knowing some electronics assembly and arduino coding would be a bonus. 

For Software, we are looking for 1 to 2 motivated students that are interested in robotics and ML. The students should have experience with programming and ideally have worked on at least one coding project before.

A great candidate would possess the following:

  • Willing to work without a very well defined job scope and willing to adapt to changes week on week​

  • Strong algorithmic thinking

  • Ability to think of metrics to measure progress

  • Understanding of computer science fundamentals, schema design

  • Eagerness to stick to best practices

  • Value the direct impact on the product and proximity to clients at a startup and the growth potential of a startup

  • Growth mindset driven 

  • Motivation to build a great product and codebase using the most recent tech stack for the slowly coming robotics revolution 

    • Deep learning applied to more than ad revenue, end2end reinforcement learning, etc.

  • Insert other cliche adjectives from other job posts

Our development process is very iterative and dynamic. Thus, there would not be a concrete plan more than 2 weeks ahead and your role/tasks is/are likely to evolve over time. If you like this process, you’d be a good fit for us. You would thus play a significant part in deciding how your work would contribute to our overall goals. There are some exceptions to this such as our Gazebo simulation, which has already been verified. 

Please email your Resume to with an introduction of yourself if you are interested. Thank you.

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