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Our Product 

Using Computer Vision and Robot Operating System (ROS), we designed a compact and precise grouting robot that will be fully autonomous. Our robot will be able to fill up grout in all the grout lines in a particular room, navigating past obstacles such as pipes and drain holes to completely automate the tile grouting process. Human intervention is only needed from room to room due to steps separating them. The robot will do real-time mapping of the rooms (including irregularly shaped corridors and the main living area) and grout an entire apartment with minimal intervention — ideally in just a start and forget manner. 

Our Robot will have the following characteristics: 

  • Reasonable size (less than 50cm on each side) 

  • Target: More than 5X productivity + CONQUAS compliance

  • Grout Tile gaps and wash off excess grout autonomously even in odd-shaped rooms

  • Tilers needed to reload grout and water

  • Return of investment in a couple of years

  • Free Trial and option to rent available too

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