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Automatic grouting robot

Using Computer Vision and Robot Operating System (ROS), we designed a compact and precise grouting robot that is fully autonomous. Our robot is able to fill up the grout in all the grout lines in a particular room. It'll be navigating past obstacles such as pipes and drain holes to completely automate the tile grouting process.


Human intervention is only needed from room to room due to the steps separating them. The robot does the real-time mapping of the rooms (including irregularly shaped corridors and the main living area) and grout an entire apartment with minimal intervention — ideally in just a start and forget manner. 

In numbers

Up to


faster grouting

Up to


of grouted area per hour

Up to


robots operated by a single person


grouted per hour per robot


robots operated by a single person


grouted per hour per person


productivity boost

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Future locations

Demo units

Small and portable 

About 20 kg unladen (about 100 hamburgers),
less than 50 cm on each side (about a bald eagle)

CONQUAS compliance

Quality control of the grouting

A camera continuously detects uncleaned grout or defects, including on the tiles.
Data can be synced with BIM upon request

Grout Tile gaps and wash off excess grout autonomously

Even in odd-shaped rooms

2+ hours of unsupervised operations 

Sufficient to cover a standard living room without reload.

Under 15 mins set-up time every 2 hours. Operators only  needed to reload grout and water.

Handles obstacles and keep-out areas

Both drawn in seconds on a roughed laptop

Single button setup

Start and forget

Able to climb steps

Up to 5 cm

Automatic Grout mixing mechanism 

Further reduce human intervention 1 operator manages more than 10 robots.

Allows overnight grouting of a large area.

PNG map of the room before/after grouting

Useful for progress tracking

Coming soon


Engage us now with no upfront costs

Initially, we offer a free trial of our grouting robot, during which it will grout a small designated space, typically a living room. Commercial terms are only finalized once we demonstrate a proven track record and meet your quality standards.

After the trial, we operate as a subcontractor, taking full responsibility for the grouting and cleaning process. Payment is made upon satisfactory completion of work, in a few installments per project, and is calculated based on the total length of grout lines. We bear all the risk and responsibility for completing the work, ensuring you get instant savings as we charge less than any local subcontractor, with no cost incurred for any unfinished tasks.

As we further optimize our system and make it even more user-friendly, we plan to transition to offering our grouting robot for rental or sale.

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