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  • Fabrica AI's Showcase at Woh Hup (Private) Limited's Tech Hub

    Fabrica AI had the opportunity to showcase our technology to the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore Heng Swee Keat at Woh Hup (Private) Limited’s Tech Hub. Our team was honoured to demonstrate our automatic tile grouting robot, boosting construction productivity by being fully autonomous without the need for any prior set-up. As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, we are grateful for the support and recognition from leaders in the industry. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to make construction tasks easier and more efficient! Witness our robot in action

  • Fabrica AI Presents at BuiltWorlds Venture Forum

    As a demo day presenter for the December 2022 BuiltWorlds Venture Forum, Fabrica AI had the opportunity to present our company to a robust community dedicated to a better built future. BuiltWorlds' December Venture Forum featured a 2022 venture activity analysis with insights pulled from the Top Investors 50 List, a fund announcement, and demo day presentations from Frontline, Mercator AI, Fabrica AI, Blue Vigil. Find out more here:

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  • Grouting robot | Fabrica AI

    Automatic grouting robot Using Computer Vision and Robot Operating System (ROS), we designed a compact and precise grouting robot that is fully autonomous. Our robot is able to fill up the grout in all the grout lines in a particular room. It'll be navigating past obstacles such as pipes and drain holes to completely automate the tile grouting process. Human intervention is only needed from room to room due to the steps separating them. The robot does the real-time mapping of the rooms (including irregularly shaped corridors and the main living area) and grout an entire apartment with minimal intervention — ideally in just a start and forget manner. Contact Us In numbers Up to 5x faster grouting Up to 100m2 of grouted area per hour Up to 5 robots operated by a single person 30m2 grouted per hour per robot 5 robots operated by a single person 150m2 grouted per hour per person 5x productivity boost Full name Company Email Demo location Phone Message Submit Thanks for submitting! Contact us for a demo Headquarters Future locations Demo units Small and portable About 20 kg unladen (about 100 hamburgers), less than 50 cm on each side (about a bald eagle) CONQUAS compliance Quality control of the grouting A camera continuously detects uncleaned grout or defects, including on the tiles. Data can be synced with BIM upon request Grout Tile gaps and wash off excess grout autonomously Even in odd-shaped rooms 2+ hours of unsupervised operations Sufficient to cover a standard living room without reload . Under 15 mins set-up time every 2 hours. Operators only needed to reload grout and water. Handles obstacles and keep-out areas Both drawn in seconds on a roughed laptop Single button setup Start and forget Able to climb steps Up to 5 cm Automatic Grout mixing mechanism Further reduce human intervention 1 operator manages more than 10 robots. Allows overnight grouting of a large area. PNG map of the room before/after grouting Useful for progress tracking Coming soon Features Engage us now with no upfront costs Initially, we offer a free trial of our grouting robot, during which it will grout a small designated space, typically a living room. Commercial terms are only finalized once we demonstrate a proven track record and meet your quality standards. ​ After the trial, we operate as a subcontractor, taking full responsibility for the grouting and cleaning process. Payment is made upon satisfactory completion of work, in a few installments per project, and is calculated based on the total length of grout lines. We bear all the risk and responsibility for completing the work, ensuring you get instant savings as we charge less than any local subcontractor, with no cost incurred for any unfinished tasks. ​ As we further optimize our system and make it even more user-friendly, we plan to transition to offering our grouting robot for rental or sale.

  • Team | Fabrica AI

    Founders Our team members have known each other for years through events like the International Olympiads, hackathons, organizing extracurricular camps, and student society leadership roles. CEO Jakub Suchanek With an engineering degree from the University of Cambridge, Jakub has experience working on self-driving cars at Wayve, machine learning at Granta Innovation and Wacker. He is a worldwide winner of NASA SpaceApps, and also won the national competition for ESA CanSat. He has won bronze medals in International Olympiads in Informatics and Physics and served as the president of the Cambridge University Robotics Society. COO & CFO Keefe Wayne Teo Keefe, a University of Cambridge engineering graduate, served as president of, promoting entrepreneurship in tech. With 100+ citations in research journals and four papers, he won multiple awards at Singapore Science and Engineering Fairs and Chemistry Olympiads. Previously an analyst at Entrepreneur First, he also worked in business development at Bright Kids and Gain City. CTO Ronald Luc Ronald earned a degree in Math and Computer Science from Masaryk University, where he was a teaching assistant, and supervised several deep learning theses. With years of industry experience he has developed eight end-to-end machine-learning solutions. He presented at WeAreDevelopers Congress Vienna with over 2000 attendees, won TechFest Munich, one of the EU’s largest hackathons; and represented Czechia at International Informatics Olympiads. Christophe Berset Head of New Products at Holcim, Christophe holds an MSc in Civil Engineering from ETH Zurich and an MBA. He has experience as a Lead Site Manager at Bouygues Construction and as a Business Development Manager in the global construction material industry, specifically the mortar industry. Christophe co-founded PrefabSite, a sourcing platform for prefabricated construction elements, and is based in Zurich, Switzerland. Matthew Carli Matthew is the Head of Material Operations at ICON Technology, a hyper-growth, venture-backed 3D construction printing startup. He holds an MBA in International Business from St. John's University in Rome, Italy, and previously led global innovation and strategy efforts at Laticrete International, a leading producer of flooring materials. With comprehensive dry mortar industry experience, Matthew is based in Miami, FL, USA. Maciej Trzeciak A PhD candidate in Engineering at the University of Cambridge, Maciej has authored patents and papers for top robotics and construction conferences. He currently supervises Statistical Analysis at Cambridge and has overseen numerous AI-related projects at the Technical University of Munich. With over 7 years of experience, Maciej has consulted on SLAM projects for both academic and industrial clients and is based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Kai Junge Kai is a PhD candidate at EPFL's CREATE Lab, focusing on robotic manipulation and distributed intelligence. He graduated from Cambridge in 2021, specializing in computer and information engineering. A robotics hobbyist since 2010, Kai has participated in various national and international competitions and events. His expertise includes rapid prototyping, mechatronics design, and control. Gregor Welton Gregor is the Assistant Vice President of Corporate Development at Tradeweb Markets (NASDAQ: TW) and holds an MPhil in Real Estate Finance from the University of Cambridge. He previously worked as a Senior Investment Associate at a London-based FinTech/PropTech growth equity fund, backed by a multi-family office. Gregor is based in London, United Kingdom. Advisors At Fabrica, we're proud of our team's dedication to our vision and their belief in our potential to revolutionize the robotics industry. Many of our employees have chosen to invest in our future by accepting a significant portion of their salary in shares or share options. We believe this demonstrates their commitment and passion for our mission. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds, bringing their unique skills and experiences to our company. Their collective expertise spans various aspects of robotics, engineering, and business development, making us well-equipped to tackle the challenges ahead. ​ ​ We have open vacancies! To vacancies Meet the Team Nelson Ng Head of Engineering Operations ​ Ex-Micron Engineer, NUS Mechanical Engineering Multiple Deans' List. Second Major in Innovation & Design Program. Martin Horáček Software Engineer Math and CS degree from Masaryk University. 1 Research journal publication, Multiple Dean's list.

  • Fabrica AI | Creating robots in days, not years

    To start building up the fleet, we developed an automatic tile grouting robot This robot boosts productivity 5x Learn more Book demo or Industrial partners Tested at 15 construction projects across Singapore with our clients adding up to 40% of the local market. Want to join us? We are hiring! We are based in US, Asia and Europe. We are looking for brilliant people in business development and mechanical, electrical and software engineering. Full-time, interns and remote. Open vacancies Sounds interesting? We are hiring! Get hired! Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Software/ML Engineering Reinforcement learning Engineering Reinforcement learning Research Interested in what are we doing? Speak directly with our CFO Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries. Read More Read more Creating a future where robot development takes days, not years. Simulation is faster than prototyping We envision a platform that revolutionizes robot development by transforming your environment and task descriptions into custom hardware designs. Our system rapidly generates numerous designs and evaluates each one by fine-tuning the foundation model with reinforcement learning. ​ Custom hardware design minimizes the price and complexity of each robot. Learned optimal control maximizes efficiency. Read More 15 mins of training on a single GPU Learned grouting arbitrary room Building the platform requires a large fleet of robots to learn on We envision a platform that revolutionizes robot development by transforming your environment and task descriptions into custom hardware designs. Our system rapidly generates numerous designs and evaluates each one by fine-tuning the foundation model with reinforcement learning. ​ Custom hardware design minimizes the price and complexity of each robot. Learned optimal control maximizes efficiency.

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